High Tech Rooms at Angel

Ever felt like you were destined for greatness?
Thought you were the team to take on the bad guys and win?
Have you ever wanted to save the world?
Be it by fighting Nazis on the Moon or trying to take back control of a rogue satellite set on destroying Earth, you could help save the fate of humanity by booking one of our brand new rooms in Angel!

The Dark Side of the Moon

Believe that 1969 was the first time humans made it to the surface of the moon? Think again. Word has reached Earth that a secret Nazi base on the dark side of the moon has become active and, worse still, unusual radiation signatures have been detected on its surface. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to break into the base and begin to secretly take it down from the inside. Don’t worry though, you’ll have some laser guns on hand incase things do go astray.

When first encountering the Dark Side of the Moon room you’re going to need to start the generator for power. Without power your mission will be futile. Surely a simple enough task, but you’d be surprised at how many have failed at the first hurdle…

From that point on you’ll encounter a number of obstacles such as a slide, power-generating gloves and a mysterious swastika disc. But don’t worry, it’s only the fate of the entire humankind on your shoulders.

Project D.I.V.A

A.I. systems, what would we do without them? They can make our lives so much easier, but what happens when they want to take over them? In 2038 we’re about to find out. With Earth becoming overpopulated, we’ve been looking into other planets in which to inhabit and Mars is first on our radar. A satellite is sent into orbit, controlled by the A.I. system fondly known as DIVA, in order to check out the planet and make sure it remains safe from meteorites. But DIVA has other plans…

Turns out DIVA has gone rogue and is set on everyone and everything. Your mission is to board the satellite and, hack into DIVA’s security defence system and reset it’s main motherboard. You’ll encounter codes, discs and might even have to split up from the rest of your team in order to take back control of the sataille.

It isn’t going to be easy, especially when you find yourself facing a room of laser beams, but we believe in you. Good luck.

By Kay Dekker