Terms and Conditions


  • These Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of the services and goods advertised on our website, brochures, or other form of advertisement by consumers.
  • We are Escape Rooms whose trading name is Escape Rooms Entertainment LTD, a company registered in England and Wales under number 12324236, whose registered office is at Escape Rooms, Rear of 134 Tooley Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 2TU with email address info@escaperooms.co.uk; telephone number +44 207 403 7179 .
  • These are the terms on which we sell all services to you. By ordering any of these services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with the following is a customer default which entitles us to suspend performance of the Services with immediate effect.


    Escape Rooms provides a live service. Upon confirmation of the booking, we do not accept cancellations, or provide any refunds.
  • In the event Escape Rooms cancels the booking for any reason, the customer will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid to date within 30 days.
  • Customers can reschedule their booking provided 7 days’ notice (at least 7 days from the date of the booking). The customer must do so by a written confirmation providing the booking name and slot time. Subject to availability.
  • The description of the Services and any Goods is as described on our website, brochures and other forms of advertisement.
  • Services are reserved to individuals’ 12 years of age and above. All persons under 16 must be accompanied inside the room by an adult.
  • All services are subject to availability.
  • We can make changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. We will notify you of these changes.
  • By booking you agree that Escape Rooms can contact you via email, phone, Instagram or Facebook to promote its news or inform you about your current booking. Your data is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and your details (which you will supply during the booking and PayPal payment process) will not be passed to any other companies or individuals.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal information provided is correct.

Prices And Payment

    All prices are stated on the website and are inclusive of VAT.
  • The price varies according to how many people are in one room, and do not change according to time or day.
  • Bookings can be made online or via email.
  • All payments are processed through PayPal. A PayPal account is not needed for payment. Payments can be made using any major debit or credit cards including Amex.
  • We do not provide partial refunds for group bookings who fail to show up with less people than the agreed amount.
  • If the number of attendees exceeds the number of people included in the booking confirmation, the extras can be added and paid for on the day, provided they do not exceed maximum room capacity.
  • Bookings may not be sold or transferred to third parties for commercial purposes.
  • Purchases on the website are only redeemable when processed by Escape Rooms Entertainment  Ltd. A confirmation shall be issued to you upon payment receipt.

Customer Responsibilities

    Customers shall not record the rooms or the puzzles within them. This includes, but is not limited to, photography, video and voice recordings of the games or the hints provided over the walkie talkie. The use of any recording or recording capable device is prohibited inside the rooms. We retain the right to stop the game should we discover that any type or recording is being made.
  • Customers are discouraged to disclose details regarding the game to the public, whether it is by direct or indirect means.
  • Customers shall be directly liable for any and all damage, be it intentional or casual. This shall be charged upon exiting the room. We retain the right to stop and end the game should any significant damage be made, and the right to turn away the team without any refund if such a circumstance arises.
  • The company adopts a zero tolerance policy for bullying or harassment towards its employees and staff. Any group that openly harasses our staff will be turned away, and no refund will be given.
  • When do we reserve the right to refuse entry and deny refunds?
  • Groups have shown up more than 30 minutes late.
  • Groups have shown up under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other substances that inhibit the designed flow of the game.
  • Groups have failed to provide a valid booking confirmation upon request.
    All participating groups receive an introduction by one of the employees upon arrival. This briefing outlines the rules of the game and clients shall participate in the game at their own risk. Escape Rooms, and its trademark Escape Rooms Entertainment Ltd, are not liable for any damages caused by failure to comply with the company’s rules.
  • Room 33 has a laser room at the beginning of the game. Clients have to crawl through the lasers and a tunnel to gain access to the main room. Attendees participate in the game at their own risk and can ask to skip the physical part of the room if they wish to for any reason.
  • In case of fire, please follow the fire exit signs and evacuate through the front entrance.
  • Drinks and food are not accepted inside the rooms and will have to be stowed away in the provided lockers.
  • The company provides lockers free of charge. Customers can leave their belongings in the lockers and bring the key in with them while they play. Customers shall be storing their belongings at their own risk. Escape Rooms is not liable for any damage and/or theft of said belongings.
  • The groups will have to provide the name of the booker for admittance.
  • Escape Rooms will not assume liability for any breach that occurs as a result of other services being damaged (PayPal, email system).
  • Photos of your team shall be taken after completion of the game. Such photos are stored in our local harddrive and also uploaded to Buzzshot server. They shall be sent to the email address provided by the team. The photos shall only be uploaded onto the company’s Facebook page with your permission. Some photos may be uploaded online for marketing purposes omitting names and personal details.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel bookings due to circumstances out of our control. These include, but are not limited to, power cuts, flooding, natural disasters, and any state of emergency. To the best of our abilities, we shall provide clients with at least 2 hours’ notice when cancelling bookings on the day.

Gift Vouchers

    All gift vouchers are purchased through our website. We are not responsible should any vouchers/gift voucher codes acquired from 3rd party sources prove to be invalid.
  • Any gift voucher purchased through our website shall be delivered automatically by electronic means to the email address you specify at the time of order. Our gift vouchers include unique codes.
  • Gift Vouchers can be redeemed on our website, through our booking system.
  • When ordering a Gift Voucher, you should ensure to enter the recipient’s email address correctly. We cannot be held responsible if the address entered is incorrect, and someone other than the intended recipient uses the Gift Voucher.
  • All Gift Vouchers are dated and expire 12 months from the date of issue. We can extend the validity of the voucher only if you contact us at least 7 days before the date of expiry.
  • Once expired, we retain the right to refuse any extensions or use of the code.
  • Gift Vouchers cannot be refunded – all gift voucher purchases are final.
  • We are not responsible if a Gift Voucher code is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. No replacement will be provided if such circumstances arise.
  • Escape Rooms, its logo and its puzzles are property of Escape Rooms Entertainment Ltd.