How to get rid of your children this half-term?

Half-term is upon us and with it comes a desperate need to distract the children. You’re probably thinking then, ‘What ever am I to do? How will I cope? How will I placate them and save my soul?’ Perhaps you need just an hour to work or de-stress from the week you know you’re about to have. Or maybe you just love your children and you want to spend a bit of money on something fun for them to do, that still pushes their thinking.

We, at Escape Rooms, can help. As long as they’re over 12, we can relieve you of your charges for an hour. And, well, that’s a whole hour during which they’re our problem, not yours. You can read a book or take a nap – whatever you like to do in your down time. Or it’s the perfect time to get on with an hour’s work without having to distract your children. We’ll lock them away and keep them occupied. You’ll have to stay within the venue but not be locked in a room with them. For those under 12, they can still play the game but we will be locking you inside the room with them…

As its half-term, you might be able to make use of one of our weekday offers – the Happy Mondays and Tuesdays offer at Angel, for example, allows you to bring up to 7 players and only pay for 3, meaning you’ll be paying £87 for an experience that would otherwise cost £154.

It’s something to consider, at the very least.