This is Sabotage!

During the pandemic everyone tried to come up with the most creative ways to reconnect with guests, customers, business partners – and in the music industry of course with the fans!

Well, the Black Sabbath certainly took it to the next level. To celebrate the release of the Sabotage: Super Deluxe Edition collection, they launched a mini online escape game created by our friends, the Brighton based Bewilder Box team – featured in the Rolling Stone magazine! The Sabotage Escape Room allows you to enter an authentic 70’s themed room where your mission is to recover a copy of the SABOTAGE: SUPER DELUXE EDITION by solving puzzles and using a bit of band-knowledge for the true followers (don’t worry, if you’re not a Black Sabbath fan yet, you can use the hints provided). This little escape adventure is a very unique way to promote the band’s latest release and also a great way to introduce a bunch of potential novices to the world of escape games – and something for you to do in your coffee break. We particularly enjoyed the 70’s music scenario – would love to do this in a real live escape game! So, what are you waiting for?

“Plug in your Gibson SG, turn your brain up to 11 and see if you’ve got what it takes to be The Prince of Smartness in the Sabotage: Deluxe Edition Escape Room.” (Bewilder Box). Click the link below to play the game and let us know if you managed to beat our staff record – 3.11mins by Connor, our lovely Game Master!

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By Eszter Kovacs