Our New Year's Resolutions 2020

Our New Year’s resolutions

Well, we’re ended a decade and moved forward into another. Many wonderful things have happened for us within the last 10 years. The biggest, of course, being that we opened up two different venues, 4 games in total. Being one of the first escape rooms opening in the UK, we believe we’ve been part of a major movement in the beginnings of the escape room industry. But we’ve also done some other amazing things. We’ve attended the Escape Rooms conference; we’ve seen over 50,000 teams and we’ve game mastered for some incredible people.

But as we’re coming to the end of one decade and entering another, we’re starting to think about what we can do differently over the next 10 years. So, what are we planning on changing?

We’re hoping to open up another venue within the next couple years with new, unique games. Perhaps somewhere close to what we’ve already got open to make team building for larger teams easier. We’re looking into different types of games as well. We want to lead the path on making Escape Rooms more immersive, based thoroughly in story-telling, and incorporating new techniques for communication that can be tailored for the team’s experience and skill level. We’re looking to also revamp and update our current rooms to ensure we’re giving the best experience we can for every team.

We want to introduce more people to Escape Rooms through outreach projects, connecting with schools, communities, and universities. Escape Rooms are a niche market, so why not widen it to engage with a wider audience. After all, escape rooms are for everyone.

We want to see our current game masters through university, and other projects that they might be working on. We love our staff, and we will help as much as we can to push them in the right direction. By offering a supportive and well organised workplace, we can ensure our staff have the best possible care they need.

We also want to start an escape rooms community, connecting with other businesses around us. This isn’t just going to help us as a business grow, but it will also help others. Offering advice, feedback and promotion opportunities means that the industry stays united.

But what about you? What are your decade resolutions? Will you be joining us in reaching out? And do you have any fun suggestions on what else we should aim to achieve over the next few years? Let us know via our social media, or by leaving a comment below.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

By Charlotte Potter