Christmas Parties at Escape Rooms

Christmas Parties at Escape Rooms

As the heatwave dwindles to a muggy end, feeble, dazed, heat-stricken Brits are desperately clutching at something new to complain about. But never fear, it’s August which means that the shops will start decking the halls soon in prep for the festive season. ’It gets earlier every bloody year‘, ’it’s the twelve days of Christmas, not the twelve months of bloody Christmas‘, the nation cries. Sometimes you just have to bask in the consumerist tinsel-laden lagoon and stick on Mariah Carey. Although I must admit when we started creating our Christmas brochure two weeks ago, fans at full setting, it was all just a bit weird. Nevertheless, whether we like it or not, it’s time to get in there quick and plan your work xmas do.

Christmas parties are a cultural phenomenon. Tracey is on the table squawking Celine Dion, Liam and Gemma from HR are getting off in the stationery cupboard and Keith is doing crude and unspeakable things with the photocopier. It’s almost admirable in its debauchery, but maybe it’s time for a change; something a bit more cerebral perhaps. Or at least something mildly intellectual to justify the bacchanal planned for later that evening. Look no further than a little jaunt to Escape Rooms to satisfy this brief.

Escape Rooms and Christmas have a lot in common. Creative problem solving for example. No room at the inn? Find a stable. Forgot to make the stuffing? Use the box of Paxo at the back of the larder, no one will know the difference. It’s high stakes pressure, like Debenhams on Christmas eve. It’s a time for successes like that year you decided to just stay at home and it’s a time for failures, like that year you defied Delia and decided to do something a bit different with the parsnips. Also whether the most cynical of us care to admit it or not, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Remember how the holidays felt as a child? It’s not all taxes and backache from here on out; you grown ups aren’t exempt from that magical feeling. As much as Escape Rooms are centred around puzzle solving, they also require playing pretend. In one of our games you might even get to dress up a little bit, should you be so inclined. Whether you’re raiders of a cursed tomb, thieves of the night, warriors on the moon or saving the world from destruction the fantasy is yours for the taking.

December is our busiest period. We have proven increasingly popular as a destination for Christmas parties over the years, whether office outings or family gatherings. Escape Rooms are what you make of them. A true gruelling test of logic, dexterity and nerve or just a bit of (a lot of) a laugh. Either way you and your team will emerge having had a whale of a time. Particularly if you beat the clock. No one can truly attest to the level of satisfaction one gets from this until they have experienced it first hand. It will feel like the biggest victory since Rage Against the Machine beat the X Factor to Christmas number one. There’s no greater gift than getting your photo placed on the wall of fame.

So jingle those bells and rally the troops. Visit the games section of our website to find out more about the adventures on which you and your colleagues could be embarking this festive season. And if you need any further assistance our elves are busy in the workshop waiting to answer your queries. We ho-ho-hope yule* consider Escape Rooms.

*After that I completely understand if you won’t.

By Josh Buckland